Open Source Cooking System

Stackle is a multi-functional cooking system for the young & active. The users can switch function simply be changing accessories. It is designed to be open-sourced so users can make their own components.

time: 2016-2017

role: team leadership, product design, workshop facilitation, visual communication design, prototyping

team: Salar Rahimi, Jean-Piere Demir, Yashar Kardar

Problem Definition

Kitchen cupboards filled with dusty appliances is nothing new. These appliances specializing for every single task in the kitchen from egg boiling to waffle making pile up in the chain of planned obsolescence.

Meanwhile, they are mostly made from shared components.

“Almost 60% of e-waste by weight came from large and small kitchen, bathroom and laundry appliances.”

(United Nations University, 2015)



Stackle uses the shared functionalities of kitchen appliances (heating and rotation) as the basis for a customizable cooking and food preparation system.

Modular pieces can come together on a standard connection blueprint, allowing users to design new components.


Participatory Research

We carried out two exploratory workshops with an interdisciplinary group of students. The aim of the workshops was to explore which affordances lead to motivation to intervene in the product or a black-box effect.

The findings indicated visibility of connections, circular intersections and interchangeability of accessories as major facilitators of intervention in a product.

Concept Development

Stackle is a cooking system with exchangeable acessories that users can modify.

Various meals can be prepared in a single system, reducing each device to an accessory. The induction heater base directly heats the contents inside the container through the metal plate in the container.

Usage Scenario

Smart tracking of temperature allows for tracking of process while the user is away from kitchen.

The vacuum cap container can be easily carried for a takeaway.

Open Design

With the shared grid, users can design their own accessories, share them on the platform and produce them.

exploded tagged.png


With a team of an electronic engineer, a mechatronic engineer and two designers including myself, we made an app-controlled functional prototype, by hacking an existing induction cooker.

The project was selected to be presented at the final pitching round of YFYI Accelerator Program, presented by . I developed the feasibility study, market-entry strategy and available market analysis for implementation of the project.




: Metal  


: Wood