Smart Bite

Design Fictions for an Infected Future

Smart Bite is a collection of speculative design objects, that explore body, society and our understanding of health in a dystopian future scenario.

time: (3 months) 2014

role: literature research, concept design, prototyping 

Problem Definition

A pure exaggeration of today’s healthy snack trend as mentioned by Dunne & Raby (2014), FreshBite is the object that creates a self- reproductory loop of ‘improved nutrition’.As in the Foucault quotation by Felski (2002), FreshBite is a physical facet of the “new forms of internalised discipline” brought by the modern era.


Late capitalism also produces fat- free ice creams and alcohol-freebeer next to genetically modified health food, companion species alongside computer viruses, newanimal and human immunity breakdowns and deficiencies,and the increased longevity of these who inhabit the advanced world.

Welcome to capitalism as schizophrenia!

(Deleuze and Guattari 1972, 1980)

Concept Development

Throughout the project readings on bio-politics, semiotics and practice theory were brought together as concept maps.


Usage Scenario .1

Homo Faber

FreshBite is a speculative set of nutritional regulation devices, developed for the imaginary topography of a future infected by the virus mono-spherus. Freshbite is born from the ‘necessity’ of personal nutrition tracking.


The sensors on the product receive the daily nutrition data from the, now commonly used blood measuring ring and the product synthesizes a personalized nutritional portion based on the protein, energy, vitamin etc. needs of the user.

Usage Scenario .2

Homo Ludens

FreshBite ‘Fun’ module can be used in entertainment places, for a shared eating experience. The central module synthesizes the personalized nutrient balls and serves by inclining in the direction of the person.

Even in the most exaggerated of a sterilized fiction, divergent practices would appear.

Such a scenario is the underground hacking of the device to synthesize hallucinatory chemical balls.




: Metal  


: Wood