Graphic Design Works

This is a collection of freelance visual communication design works that I did for marketing operations of various startups.

Commercial Booth Design

I designed this popup booth display for Parabol, which is a startup developing smart traffic management solutions.

The graphic displays three layers of Parabol's software at micro, meso and macro levels with dashboard views from these levels, distributed along a traffic density diagram.


I designed this popup booth display for Evreka  which is a startup developing smart waste management solutions.

The graphic is modeled in 3D to illustrate the data collection from garbage containers for optimized routing of waste collection vehicles.

evreka stand mockup.jpg
Banner Design

This banner was designed for the meetup group "bi yerden" , meaning "start somewhere". The meetups bring together professional athletes with amateurs in a playful environment to share knowledge.

The design communicates the array of sports fields covered in the meetups with an informal and playful visual language.

Biyerden Rollup Mockup.jpg

I designed this banner for Radius, which is a startup offering a high technology algorithm for curating a personalized fashion shopping journey.

The design embraces the minimal and geometric brand language, communicating the data-enabled fashion transformation of the user.

radius banner mockup.jpg
Editorial Design

I designed this brand catalogue for Radius, which is a startup offering a high-tech algorithm for curating a personalized fashion shopping journey.

The content is targeted at potential investors and business partners, communicating the array of services and technology of Radius, The content is only partially published due to non-disclosure conditions.

whistyle catalog mockup.jpg
Promotional Material Design

I designed this series of collages as part of a promotional product series for Radius. The startup that provides customized fashion offerings needed a low-cost marketing solution to engage the visitors of their booth at an exposition.

Six different cards reflect different fashion styles that can be identified by Radius software. Following a questionnaire at the booth, the visitors are gifted a card that represents their style.

I used an edgy and funky graphic style in these collages, visually interpreting a fashion style on photographs of ancient Greek and Roman statues.

whistyle cards 1.jpg
whistyle cards 2.jpg




: Metal  


: Wood