Self-Service Grill Station

Challo is a self-service grilling system, where people can prepare their own skewer combinations. With Challo, users can socialize while cooking.

time: (4 months) 2016

role: design research, product design, modelling, rendering, model-making

sponsor: Oztiryakiler Industrial Kitchen Appliances

Problem Definition

In places such as resorts, amusements parks etc., where food is served to masses, finding freshly prepared food, matching your taste becomes an issue.

In large campus areas of hotels and parks, its is also hard to find food away from the center.



Food service areas use show cooking and open kitchens to make eating a fun and social experience. I have conducted interviews in Istanbul Street Food Festival, with street sellers and hotels.

Street Cooking

Street cooking offers a social experience around the seller and use local materials.

Hotels & Resorts

In resorts, serving large amounts at a time is hard, especially in 'larger hotel campus’.

Street Food Festival

Ready to cook mixtures are used, without option for personal preference (ex.vegetarians)

Challo Survey 16 pt font.png


The Indian tandoori was used
to strentgthen the sense of community by collective cooking.

How might we create a social experience for remote food service in resorts?


Challo is a grill station for outdoor use in resorts and similar facilities, enabling the users to customize the food preparation process.


Contact-Free Grilling

The cooking module consists of a conical housing, circular burners and inclined infrared plates.

The skewers are placed in parallel to burners for even cooking.

This structure ensures fast and hygienic cooking, without contact with the hot surface.

challo layers-01.png


The grill prototype was made by the sponsor company Oztiryakiler, while I prototyped the acccessories.




: Metal  


: Wood