Industrial Fire InterventionVehicle

Buggy is a rapid fire intervention vehicle, designed for industrial areas,it is a vehicle for the fire response team within the factory.
It provides a means for safer intervention for fire fighters.

time: (2 months) 2015

role: design research, concept development, sketching, balance analysis, model-making

team: Birnur Sahin, Yashar Kardar, Damla Ozekici, Jemma Forster

sponsor: Karba Truck-Mount Equipments

Problem Definition

Industrial fires can spread very quickly because of flammables and explosives.
The initial response duration is only 5 min. which requires a very rapid intervention.

The remote firefighting teams can not respond before 10 min.



The project team visited several fire stations in Ankara to understand the organization of fire fighting operations and interviewed firefighters along with walkthrough of maintenance process.

The findings indicated ease of maneuver, accessibility of equipment and clarity of interface as critical design requirements, for efficient intervention under conditions of extreme stress.


"The most important thing is the first intervention."

Firefighter at Ostim Station

Turnout Gear

Turnout gear is placed in the cabin for rapid preparation.

SCBA Integration

SCBA equipment is integrated to the seats for rapid maneuver.

Tool Accessibility

The accessibility of tools is critical both during intervention and for maintenance.

Concept Development

The team created 60 different design alternatives, out of which 10 were selected for further development.

ALKE electric vehicle chassis was selected to integrate the vehicle body.

Buggy is an in-factory vehicle for rapid intervention in industrial fires. It contains necessary equipment for first intervention, rescue and first aid with a capacity for 2 people.

The compartment organization speeds up the operation. From front to back, and top to bottom the equipments are organized from most frequently used to least.

Buggy Scenario-01.png




: Metal  


: Wood