Hi! I am Azra.

I am a designer, researcher and social entrepreneur with an insatiable curiosity to explore our collective capacity to reach more desirable futures.

I invest skill of navigation as a designer, to come up with better ways to deal with what is going wrong with our world. I am currently a Ph.D. student at the IIT Institute of Design, doing my research on prototyping processes to leverage the impact of community initiatives for socio-economic transformation. I am carrying out my research as a Fulbright grantee. 


As a strong advocate of collective capacity in problem-solving, I am experienced in participatory design and research processes, as well as speculative design facilitation to imagine alternative futures.

I have been mutually growing my experience as a social entrepreneur and a researcher to foster a critical reflection on my hands-on field experience and continue to do so to contribute to our growing body of knowledge as the design community.

Feel free to reach out via email or Linkedin!

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